Your Storyline
counselling - consultancy - training
GPs and Referrers
GPs can refer to this service via a Mental Health Care Plan.
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Seniors and disability
This service operates from a Positive Ageing framework.
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New mums and carers
Secialist knowledge about the experience of contemporary motherhood.
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WELCOME TO your storyline...

Felicity Chapman
Director & Principal Counsellor
Clinical Social Worker
Gerontological Psychotherapist

Your Storyline is a counselling, consultancy and training service in Adelaide, South Australia.
This service has a strong interest in supporting seniors and new mums as they navigate internal and external changes related to life transition.


Leaving the house can be a challenge when you are elderly or have a new baby to care for. That is why Your Storyline offers an in-home or on-site counselling service to a select region in Adelaide. Clients living in the eastern suburbs are eligible for this convenient and affordable service which seeks to improve psychological health and overall wellbeing. Why wait or suffer in silence?  Make an enquiry today!


Felicity Chapman
Po Box 43
MARDEN,  SA 5070

fax: (08) 7200 3268

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